"My mission: To inspire lasting change and help people shine"

Alex at Natural Progressions Coaching is here to help you create fast acting change in your life through personal growth and development. Find more from work/life balance, increase your communication skills, improve your self esteem and strengthen your relationships 

Since entering the Coaching profession, Alex had launched herself forward and has made many breakthroughs with her education, health and well being. As the founder of Natural Progressions Coaching, Alex has a wealth of life experience to offer clients, and holds a genuine interest and authenticity with her clients, and an ability to help clients make rapid change.
Alex has a strong background in Natural Therapies and Education. Applying the skills and knowledge in building a career in Life Coaching and Hypnosis, Alex is enjoying furthering her own development, as a Life Coach, as an Entrepreneur, and as an advocate for Self-Love, Gratitude, Growth and Compassion.

Alex has spent many years dealing with injury, chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, depression, chronic anxiety and panic attacks, and through her discovery of Personal Development, Self-Love and Self-Compassion, Alex has found ways to manage and overcome many of these conditions, and heal from years of adversity and early traumas that were preventing her from being at her best. 

Having spent the last 12 years on her personal development journey, Alex has experimented with many different approaches in the natural therapies and alternative health world, and regularly uses Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, and of course Nutrition to help her in her natural healing processes.

Since being in the Coaching profession, Alex's healing has accelerated immensely. She has healed from depression and anxiety, has overcome chronic joint and muscle pain and is healing all of her autoimmune conditions.

She knows that coaching works!

Alex now uses her own experiences, knowledge and skills to help you overcome your own challenges, develop new life skills and is passionate in helping you move forward in positive ways for you to lead a confident, healthy and more balanced way of life.

Why Clients Choose Alex

Alex is ambitious and motivated. Her knowledge of personal development and self care drives her to help others be the best version of themselves. She is a confident communicator, highly intuitive and insightful.

  • Knows what it's like to go through stuff and how to move past it
  • Is passionate about helping people find their own answers
  • Believes that every one can create positive outcomes for themselves
  • Will hold you to the highest standard
  • Has an Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching
  • Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies
  • Qualified Practitioner in Hypnosis 
  • Practitioner of Soul CoachingĀ®
  • mBIT Coach
  • Workshop facilitator and Speaker
  • Flexible coaching style
  • Is an active mentor with The Life Coaching College
  • Is an Accredited Trainer for The Life Coaching College

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